Mental Performance & Health Optimization

Guiding highly ambitious business owners & professionals
to achieve greatness personally and professionally.

Hi, I’m Pat!

My journey into personal development ignited with a childhood passion for fitness, evolving into a lifelong pursuit of holistic wellness. Transitioning from a focus solely on physical health, I came to understand that true vitality encompasses a conscious mind, balanced stress levels, nourishing nutrition, consistent movement, and comprehensive self-care practices.

After immersing myself in the corporate world for over seven years, I observed a striking pattern among top performers: those who prioritized their well-being effortlessly excelled in every endeavor. Inspired by this insight, I adopted a similar approach in my own life, experiencing exponential growth in my career trajectory.

Today, I’m dedicated to empowering driven business owners and professionals to cultivate a mindset conducive to monumental professional achievements, all while prioritizing their personal well-being.

1:1 High Performance Coaching


Tailored for the man seeking to experience vast expansion in life. This is the pinnacle of my offerings and is entirely personalized to you. It is crafted to guide you in upgrading your mindset and overall well-being so that you can reach extraordinary levels of holistic success all while embracing ease and enjoyment.

GRoup Trainings + Men’s Mastermind


Group training programs are an accelerated growth experience expertly designed to kick-start rapid ascent to the next level.  

Elite Minds Men’s Mastermind is an exclusive group of high performing men who are all-in on their own personal expansion journey. An alliance based around connection and support to fast track growth.

Speaking engagements

Specifically designed to be able to reach a larger audience.  In this day and age, we are nothing without our health and a highly functioning brain. Focusing on the interconnectedness between mental performance and the success of teams and businesses across the globe. Topics are determined on a per client basis.

“I highly recommend this program.”


The 1:1 coaching program was an impactful experience. I found great value in being able to discuss various thoughts and situations with Coach Pat and other members of the program. The weekly calls held me accountable and left me feeling supported. I highly recommend this program. Thanks Pat!