November Mindful Moment Challenge

Join me in November for my 30 day mindful moment challenge to support a great cause!

The challenge: intentionally taking 1 or more mindful moments per day for the entire month of November.

How to participate

1. Sign up with name and email to receive FREE tips on how to incorporate more mindful moments into your day.

2. Tag me on IG during any of the intentional mindful moments you take during the month of November.

Pat Smith Wellness will be donating $0.50 per tagged photo and/or video on IG. **

Proceeds will be donated to Bright Blessings – a volunteer-led organization that impacted more than 35,851 homeless and impoverished children in 2020.

**Only participants who completed steps 1 & 2 above will be included in donation program. Pat Smith Wellness LLC is donating a maximum of $250 for this challenge.




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